OPPO Mobile Repair Experts

We have 8 Years Experience for OPPO mobile phone service throughout Perumbakkam, Chennai. We offer professional repair and support solutions for all Oppo mobile phone models. All repairs are carried out by our certified Broken Care Technicians.

OPPO Service Center in Perumbakkam

Are you looking for effective services for Oppo mobile phones in Perumbakkam Chennai? Well, you come to the righteous place. Here we provide you with the professional repairing and replacement services at Broken Care Perumbakkam, Chennai. Our Technicians have the capability, skill and experience to deal with all kinds of Oppo mobile repairs. Our professional technicians repair your broken screen within 60 minutes. Our Oppo screen replacement service is the fastest service in Chennai. Repairs are almost done on the same day depending on the model. Please feel free to just walk into our amazing office in the heart of the area of Chennai. Broken Care provides a complete Oppo mobile phone repair that offers affordable rates and quality service. Whether it is for general repairs, cleaning or installing software upgrades, Oppo Service Broken Care is here to help Alandur and its nearby customers.

Free Pickup and Delivery

We offer free pickup and delivery services for Oppo repairs. Fill out our online enquiry form to get started. We will send a representative to pick up your mobile and deliver it back to you once it has been repaired. Postal repairs are also available for Oppo mobiles. You can reach us by phone, email, or visit our shop in Chennai. You will be satisfied with our service. Our feedback page also has live comments. Let others know about your experience with Oppo Services by leaving a comment after your phone is fixed.

OPPO Mobile Serviceable Parts

  • Oppo Mobile Screen Replacement Service timing 1 hour
  • Oppo Mobile Battery Replacement Service timing 1 hour
  • Oppo Mobile Charging Board Replacement Service timing 1 hour
  • Oppo Mobile Mic Board Replacement Service timing 1 hour
  • Oppo Mobile Ear Speaker & Ringer Replacement Service timing 1 hour
  • Oppo Mobile Display Frame Replacement Service timing 3 hours
  • Oppo Mobile Motherboard issues fixed Service timing 24 hours
  • Oppo Mobile Front & Rear Camera Replacement Service timing 4 to 5 hours
  • Oppo Mobile Back Panel Replacement Service timing 1 hour
  • Oppo Mobile On/Off Strip Replaced Service timing 2 hours
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